We have been in the carpet cleaning business for a very long time. One thing we found for certain, is any competitor out there that has a gimmicky name, is exactly that a gimmick.  We’re not going to name any names, but we're sure you can figure it out. After studying the carpet cleaning industry for decades, there is simply nothing out there that is a close second to what we do,  especially when you’re talking about results. We know CLEANPRO is a great name. It actually is short for cleaning professionals. The truth is that you cannot get by just having a great name. You must be able to back it up 100% if you want to keep your credibility intact. We encourage you to do your research and check around, and when you do,  one of the most important things you want to ask other carpet cleaning companies is exactly how their cleaning process works in detail. Other than steam cleaning (water extraction), our main competitors do not like to disclose in detail how their process actually works from start to finish. The reason is most of them don’t want to because there’s a major flaw in the method of cleaning that they’re using. Our carpet cleaning system is not perfect, but it is as close to perfect as you will ever see. We invented the $50,000 challenge for a reason. To this day, none of our national competitors will take this challenge. The reason being, as it would be virtual suicide for their business. Make no mistake, if someone did want to take the challenge, it would be very much publicized. We have no concern that our system will not be outperformed, simply because we have the most powerful technology on the planet that can be applied to a carpet cleaning system.