Your CLEANPRO professional is an expert in upholstery cleaning and protection applications. Care and attention to detail are always a primary concern. The CLEANPRO Cleaning Solution obtains fabulous results on all kinds of upholstery fabric. We at CLEANPRO are not only experts in our knowledge about cleaning upholstery, but we are also able to clean it far better than our competitors with quicker drying time and absolutely no residue from our cleaning. The steam cleaning industry (water extraction) typically cleans upholstery the same way they clean carpet. They inject the soap or detergent and water from their machine deep into the upholstery. The problem is that they don’t rinse the soap or detergent out of the upholstery for the basically the same three reasons they don’t do this on carpet. The first is that it is nearly impossible to rinse the soap out of the upholstery because it is up to 3 inches deep when they clean. Second, if they were able to rinse, that would mean going over the upholstery a second time making everything twice as wet. The third reason is it would also take twice as long to clean a piece of furniture.

At CLEANPRO we use a similar machine to clean upholstery, but we use a different technique that is much more effective. When we clean upholstery, the furniture will only get wet about a quarter-inch deep. This allows us to extract the moisture very easily, hence a very big difference in drying time. Most importantly, there is no tacky residue of any kind after our cleaning because of our amazing cleaning solution. We also remove all the previous soap that was in your furniture from previous cleanings. The end result is your furniture will look amazing, will dry much quicker, and will stay cleaner much longer.