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Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

You’ve probably wondered why you actually need to hire a professional carpet cleaner, if you can do it yourself. There are places where you can rent the machinery, how hard could it actually be? Some soap and water and you are set. Well, you could try it but you’ll probably end up ruining your carpets and having to call the carpet cleaners all the same to deal with your little mishap. Better not risk it, but if you are looking for more reasons why you should hire a pro for your carpet cleaningyou’ve come to the right place. This post Utah County Cleanprobrings you, is all about the reasons why you should schedule your professional carpet cleaning.

Professional- Grade Equipment

The tools they use aren’t something that you can just buy at the supermarket. Even if you rent equipment, it doesn’t compare to the professional-grade version. Their powerful vacuums can remove deeply trapped pollutants like dirt, allergens, and animal droppings, among others, that reside in your carpet. After thoroughly washing your carpets, they use their high-powered extractors to remove extra moisture and accelerate the drying time, preventing the growth of mildew and mold. Carpet cleaners not only have the right machinery, and knowledge to use it, but they have pre-treatment and cleaning solutions that you can’t get over-the-counter.

Knowledge and Experience

Why do you go to a doctor when you are sick? Because they know what to do to heal you. Carpet cleaners know what to do to care for your carpets, it’s their area of expertise. Professionals have industry certifications, this means they’ve actually gone through training to learn about stain removal, mold prevention, and how to use the tools.  They know about carpet construction: the types of fibers, the type of backing in the carpet; and which cleaning products and methods are most effective with each type of carpet. Lastly, a professional can recommend which carpet cleaning methods and products are best for your needs, so you can continue having clean carpets for a longer time.

Cleaner Air

Carpets trap many pollutants that which can affect your health as you breathe them in. Keeping your carpets clean helps maintain the air quality at home and remove those pollutants. If you ask your carpet cleaners, they can give you the option to use green cleaning materials that have a smaller effect on the environment. Let’s not forget that nasty smells can affect you too. Most professionals offer deodorizing techniques to keep your place smelling fresh and clean.

Clean While You're Out

You don't have to be at home for the carpet cleaners to work. You can do errands or simply relax somewhere out of the house. Plus, you don't have to worry about stepping on the still-wet patches of carpet if you're not home.


A professional carpet cleaner should offer guaranteed satisfaction. If you didn’t get the expected results from their work, they have to come back and fix it. Utah County Cleanpro is so confident that you will be happy with their results, because their system is the best, that they have a 50 K challenge with their competitors.

Getting Everything Ready

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner to deeply clean your carpets you don’t have to worry, you’ll surely get the results you expect. However, before they’re able to get down to the carpet cleaning business, you have to get down to the clearing up the area business. Yes, before they work, you have to work. So below is a guide prepared by Utah County Cleanpro to get everything nice and ready for the carpet cleaners’ arrival.

Valuables and Breakables

You’re hiring strangers to come in and clean your house, and although they are supposed to be people you can trust, it never hurts to be extra careful. Lock up any valuable jewelry or small electronics in a safe place. The same goes for your breakables, put them in a safe place. It’s very easy for accidents to happen and something to get broken. So put your china, picture frames, and collectibles safe from harm.

Move the Furniture

After you’ve moved the small stuff, it’s time to move big things like furniture. If you want the carpet cleaners to clean under the furniture, you need to move it out of the way. Some companies will charge extra for doing it for you or they’ll simply clean around it. It’s understandable that some big and heavy pieces can’t be moved, for your own safety don’t try to do so.

Remove the Clutter

Perhaps this is obvious, but just so you don’t forget, you need to move everything that’s on the floor. If you have shoes, toys, clothes, or anything that someone could trip on laying on the ground it needs to go. Carpet cleaners use tools with long cables and hoses that could get stuck and tangled with your clutter. You could also do some light vacuuming to remove the surface dirt and pet hair. Although this is not a requirement, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mind your Drapes

If you have any drapes or fabric in contact with the carpet, you’d do well by pinning it out of the way. Some of the carpet cleaning products might accidentally fall on them. Utah County Cleanpro also counts with an upholstery cleaning service. You can go all out and clean your carpets and upholstery in Nephi. If you are interested in learning more about their services and cleaning methods, you can call us at: (801) 884-8762. That’s the same number you should dial if you are ready to schedule your cleaning appointment.

Special Concerns

If you have an area that you’re especially worried about or a deeply set stain that you’d like to get rid of,  you should let the cleaners know. They will take extra care in cleaning that area. If there are any other concerns you have;  like furniture that need delicate handling, or something of that sort, this is the time to let them know.

Keep the Kids Away

Children are very active little people, with very curious minds and grabby hands. It’s better to schedule your carpet cleaning for a time when they won’t be around. With all the cleaning tools that they’re not used to seeing, they might find it tempting to use them as toys. There’s also a high probability that they might trip with one of the many cables, or be frightened by the loud sounds of the heavy duty vacuums.

Lock Up your Pets

The machinery used for carpet cleaning can be really noisy and may affect your pet’s sensitive hearing. Scared and nervous pets are harder to control and can act unexpectedly. There’s a chance that they might run out of the house accidentally since the carpet cleaners will probably need to leave the door to the outside open.

Clear Up the Driveway

There are many tools and heavy machinery involved in carpet cleaning. You’d be doing the cleaners a great favor by clearing up an area in front of your house or your driveway for them to park. They will be able to start cleaning much sooner if they don’t have to park so far away.

Be Ready

Carpet cleaning companies schedule more than one appointment a day. Usually the go from one house to the next. They won’t leave your home until the job has been satisfactorily completed. However, they wouldn’t like to be late to their next appointment. Please be considerate to your fellow customers and prepare your home ahead of time so the cleaners can complete their work promptly.

Ready For a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

If you feel like your carpets could do with some deep cleaning, call Utah County Cleanpro. We will give your carpets the well-deserved cleaning they need. Our number is (801) 884-8762 and you can give us a call to set up your carpet cleaning appointment.

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