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Don't steam your carpets, clean your carpets!

The Importance of Keeping Your Carpet Clean in Order to Make Your Home Environment Safer

Just like you set resolutions for your career, health, and lifestyle, you should also set one for the care of your home and especially your carpet. Here, we´ll explain just how important it is to make sure your carpet is on your resolution list for this year.

Your carpet is more important than you may realize. It can affect different areas of your life for better or for worse depending on how you care for it. If you care for your carpet adequately, it can help make the air quality in your house better, and it will be easier to maintain a healthier environment in your home. Without the proper care and maintenance, your carpet can be the cause of air pollution, increasing allergens, and even mold growth.

Reduce Contaminating Factors in Your Home by Keeping Your Carpet Clean

There are all sorts of dangers that can lurk around in your carpet. Even if they are not immediately noticeable, they can still put your family´s health and well-being at risk.  Vacuuming does help to remove some of the dirt and on-the-surface dust particles. However, it takes a lot more than just vacuuming to ensure that your carpet stays safe and that it remains in good conditions. Complementing your regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning routine with the help of professional carpet cleaning will improve your carpet´s appearance and reduce the hazardous elements it might be hosting. That is why it is vital to contract the services of a professional carpet cleaning company that is trustworthy and efficient.

Professional Carpet Cleaning to Keep Your Home Environment Safe and Clean

Utah Cleanpro has just what you need to keep your carpet truly safe and clean. They have the most qualified professionals and the most productive cleaning method. Their Cleanpro System allows them to clean the carpet efficiently so your home environment is safer and your carpet looks amazing. Contact them right now and make sure you complete this resolution of keeping your carpet clean and making your home environment better.

Dust Mites Can Create a Dangerous Home Environment

The human body can shed over 3 kgs of skin every single year. Think about every person in your household and imagine all the dead skin cells that are shed. Now, consider all of those dead cells being absorbed and trapped in your carpet. Dust mites live abundantly in carpets, and they thrive off dander. Many allergy symptoms appear or increase with their presence, and you may not even realize that this can be the cause of your allergies. Carpets can contain hundreds of thousands of dust mites, and these can quickly multiply. Vacuuming does help, but only professional carpet cleaning methods that are efficient can truly target the problem.

Pet Dander is Also Hazardous to Your Family´s Health

Pet dander can also threaten your health and that of your family. Even if your pet is properly groomed, your carpet will still have pet dander. Pet dander includes airborne saliva, dead skin cells, and urine particles that your pet sheds. These end up in your home´s air and can fall on your carpet, seeping into it then being picked up and spread into the air you breathe. This can be quite harmful; not to mention how it will increase dust mites. If you have pets, try to make sure that you brush them outdoors and remove their hair from the carpet using special brushes for the task. 

Getting Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned in Utah and Juab County Is the Best Decision You Can Make

Having your carpet professionally cleaned gives you and your family the peace of mind they deserve, all while leaving your home looking cleaner and smelling fresher than ever. Cleanpro Portland uses the safest, most efficient cleaning method on the market. Their special ion-exchange process, combined with their ultra effective citrus-based organic cleaning formula, is the perfect solution for your carpet cleaning troubles. Do not spend your time struggling to keep your carpet clean and in good shape. Instead, call the carpet cleaning experts at Utah Cleanpro today. Dial (801) 884-8762 now and start the year off with your carpet clean and fresh.