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Guide to a Perfectly Maintained Carpet, From the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Serving Utah & Juab County

Having carpeted floors can be highly advantageous, as they are soft, stylish, warm, and much, much more. However, if you want your carpeting to retain all of those wonderful qualities for years to come, you need to follow a few maintenance tips. To learn what they are, read this post by Utah County Cleanpro, the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Utah & Juab County.

How to Keep Your Carpeted Floors in Perfect Shape for a Long Time

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Do a Good Job at Choosing a Carpet

If you want to make sure that you'll be able to maintain your carpeting perfectly, you first need to choose the right carpet for you. For starters, you need to decide if having a carpet is a good idea, since its upkeep requires real commitment. Once you've made up your mind, you will need to decide from a myriad different options (from colors, patterns, hair lengths, materials, and more).

To choose wisely, consider your lifestyle. For example, if you have children or pets in your home, a light-colored carpet with long hair may not be the best way to go, since you will have a harder time keeping it clean.

Create a Carpet Cleaning Schedule You Can Follow

As mentioned above, your carpeting's upkeep requires some diligence. Still, taking on the task to clean the carpets in your whole house can seem daunting and overwhelming. For that reason, you should create a carpet cleaning schedule you can follow.

As you know, you need to vacuum your carpeted floors at least once a week to keep them sanitary, so what you can do is "divide" the carpeted areas in your home, and assign one day a week to go through each section. For example, on Mondays you can vacuum the bedrooms.

Doing so will keep you accountable and will help you avoid dust buildup in your carpeting, which is harder to clean and can make your whole house unsanitary.

Just avoid vacuuming one section too much (stick to once or twice a week), as that could damage the carpet.

Protect the Areas That Get More Use

Of course, you should be concerned with your carpeting's overall cleanliness and maintenance. Nonetheless, there are certain carpeted areas in your home that get stepped on more frequently than others, meaning they get much dirtier than the less transited spots. That's why you should pay special attention to those high traffic areas to keep them in pristine condition.

To that end, you can purchase clear mats and place them on your home's entryway, hallway, and other similar areas. This will provide a protective layer that will keep damaging agents (such as dust, dirt, and other filth) away from your carpeting's material, ensuring its proper maintenance.

However, if more so than protecting your carpets, you want to make a design statement in your home, you can use rugs to cover them up. A colorful, patterned rug in a high traffic area of your home (for instance, in the living room), will elevate your place's look and feel. Moreover, it will keep your carpeted floors clean. And, you don't have to worry about them as much, since they're much easier to clean than your carpeting is.

Become an Expert Vacuumer

Needless to say, it's incredibly important that you vacuum your carpeted floors to care for their condition. Still, simply going over them with your vacuum won't do the trick. That's why you should become an expert vacuumer.

To achieve that, you first need to pick the right tool: a vacuum that has the right suction power for your carpet's material, use, and size. After that, you will need to use the right vacuuming technique: slowly and gently, go over the same spot in different directions, to lift as much gunk as possible. Lastly, use the appropriate attachments and move furniture around so your vacuuming sessions are as thorough as can be.

Use a Stain Repellent to Make Your Floors Easier to Clean

Dust, dirt, and similar filth aren't the only elements that could put your carpeted floors' condition in peril. On the contrary, it's not uncommon for spills to leave stains behind on your precious flooring.

What you can do to make those spots less permanent, is spray your carpets with a powerful stain repellent. Doing so will minimize the damage done by the spilled substances, and will make the mess easier to clean.

If you want to invest in an awesome stain repellent, contact Utah County Cleanpro, the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Utah & Juab County, and ask about their top performing Carpet Protector.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning Once a Year

Even all of the vacuuming sessions and all of the stain repellent in the world won't leave your floors 100% clean. This is because germs, dirt, gunk, and filth in general can reach the depths of your carpeting. This, of course, means that they won't be easy to reach with normal methods.

For that reason, it is absolutely necessary that you call a professional company, such as Utah County Cleanpro, the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Utah & Juab County. A reliable carpet cleaning company will strip any germs, nasty odors, spots, and anything else that could be preventing your carpeted floors from looking, feeling, and smelling as good as they should. Do this once a year to keep your flooring in mint condition for a lot longer.

If your floors are due a professional deep clean, call (801) 884-8762 to contact Utah County Cleanpro, the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Utah & Juab County. Their revolutionary method will deliver the best results - guaranteed!

Try Your Best to Avoid Messy Situations

Messy situations are some of your carpeting's biggest threats. This is because, the easiest way to maintain your carpets in pristine condition, is to keep them from getting them dirty in the first place. That's why it is crucial that you try your best to avoid messy situations.

While that can be difficult to achieve, you should minimize the situations that could result in a spill, a stain, or another unsightly spot. For example, don't allow food to be moved from the kitchen into the bedrooms, as a trip or fall could result in a huge mess that could ruin your carpet's look, feel, scent, and sanitary condition.

Keep Your Pets Clean

If you have pets in your home, you surely want your furry friend to be part of your family. However, if you have a habit of inviting them inside, and you want to have a clean carpet, you will have to keep your pets as well. After all, they can get dirt, grass, and other yucky stuff stuck to their fur and paws, which can then be transferred into your floors.

To keep them clean, remember to wash them on a regular basis. If they have long hair, be sure to brush them as needed to prevent fallout. It's also a good idea to wipe their paws if they have been outside to remove any filth. Last but not least, it's imperative that you potty train them so they can coexist with you in your home.

Instill a "No Shoes Inside" Rule

As stated above, your pet's paws can drag dirt, grass, and filthiness into your home. However, your shoes can do that on their own! For that reason, it is wise to instill a "no shoes inside" rule in your household to keep the germs, dust, and gunk away from your carpeting.

To make this easier on your family and guests, have a closet or shoe rack by the door so they can leave their shoes there. You could even provide slippers or inside shoes, so they can walk around in your home without being barefoot.

React Promptly and Appropriately to Messes

You already learned a few ways to prevent messes in your carpeted floors. Still, no matter how careful you are, it is highly likely that a mess will happen at some point. The best way to ensure your floors will survive through them is to react promptly and appropriately to those messes.

In most cases, you can pick some of the spilled substance up (careful not to spread it further), and use warm water and a piece of clean cloth to blot the stain off. You should be quick, however, as the longer you wait, the more time the stain will have to settle.

Dry Your Carpeted Floors Thoroughly

Lastly, you have to prevent carpet mold if you want to keep your floors in mint condition for longer. That's why, each time something spills on it, or that you use moisture to clean it, you need to guarantee that it's completely dry before you start using it again. If you allow carpet mold to develop, you won't only be risking your carpet, but you could be endangering your and your family's health.

To dry your carpeted floors thoroughly, make use of fans and of the AC system. You can also open doors and windows to allow air to move through the room.

Utah County Cleanpro, the Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Utah & Juab County work with a green, safe, and unique carpet cleaning method that will leave your floors good as new. Call (801) 884-8762 to set an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning today!

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