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Don't steam your carpets, clean your carpets!


Some people think that wall to wall carpeting isn’t a good idea. They think they tend to get dirtier, they can trap more bacteria, or they look outdated. Yes, you do have to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year, but the other two reasons are completely false. To get rid of the idea that carpets are not a good investment, Utah County Cleanprobrings you this post about the benefits of having wall to wall carpeting at home. They’re so great, carpet cleaning won’t even bother you so much! 


Let’s begin with what’s most important to everyone: their health. How can carpets keep me healthy, you might ask? You’ve probably heard that carpets promote allergies and shelter house mites, when in fact, this is not true. Contrary to popular belief, you can find up to 70% more mites in your bed than in your carpet. Carpets trap dust and indoor pollutants that can trigger allergies and asthma. All the while they purify the air inside your home. All the pollutants remained caged between the pile fibers until you vacuum them out. Vacuuming regularly and scheduling a professional carpet cleaning will keep all those allergens away. 


Along with health, another thing we worry about is staying safe. In a house with children and elderly people who are prone to falls, there’s more concern for reducing risk factors. Although carpets won’t stop them from accidentally falling, they do help reduce slips and falls. If they do fall, the carpets will cushion the impact, decreasing the risk of a serious injury. 

Sound Insulation

Hardwood floors or ceramic tiles can cause a lot of noise as people walk over them, move furniture, or simply drop something. They’re especially noisy in two story homes, where you can hear the sounds coming from upstairs. With carpets, those loud sounds are a thing of the past. They reduce or even eliminate excessive noises. 
A house with carpets has a more peaceful environment since they make the place feel warmer, cozier, and a little bit quieter. In the modern world, with so much noise pollution that affects our health and mood, a quiet and relaxing place is always appreciated. 

Saving Energy 

Everyone loves to save money and reduce their impact on the environment, and carpets can help you do that. During the colder winter months, you probably have your heating on. There’s nothing like a warm house to welcome you inside. Heating appliances definitely raise the electrical bill. If you have carpets, the blow won’t be as hard. Carpets can save an estimated 30 days of heating! Of course, spending less energy is better for the planet too. 

Carpets are natural thermal insulators. Therefore, they retain warmth. By catching the sun’s rays during the day they store heat to keep the place warmer at night. Other types of flooring don’t do that, and they can actually make you lose up to 10% of the heat in the room. 

Start the year with clean carpets that help you save energy. The carpet cleaning professionals at Utah County Cleanpro can do the cleaning for you. To schedule your appointment, call them at (801) 884-8762. 

Value for Your Money 

If you were to think about how much you would spend installing hardwood floors, carpets are a clear and better choice when it comes to saving cash. Carpets are sold by the broadloom meter, and most other products are sold by the square meter. Even the carpet cleaning products are more accessible. 

There are many colors, textures, materials, quality, and price for you to choose from. Go ahead and compare the prices of wood, ceramic and vinyl tiles, to carpets and you’ll see how much you can save.  


Carpets are not an outdated option. In fact, they can completely change the look of a room. They can be elegant and chic, warm and cozy, or even serious and professional. There are so many choices when it comes to carpets. 


Carpet care is simple: vacuum them at least two times a week and have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year. All you need is a great quality vacuum and maybe some carpet cleaning powder to get rid of bad smells. Be careful to promptly clean any spills so they don’t leave a stain. 

For Carpet Cleaning Just Call Utah County Cleanpro 

To get your carpets clean and great looking give the carpet cleaning experts a call. They will get your carpets ready in less than a day. Schedule your carpet cleaning appointment at (801) 884-8762. While you are at it, treat your upholstery to a professional cleaning too.

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