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You probably think there are many reasons why hiring someone to clean your carpets for you isn't a good idea. Perhaps you've heard some of the carpet cleaning horror stories or myths circling around that scare many people off. Carpets need to be deep cleaned at least once a year, and there's no need to be wary of the process. To keep your mind at peace, Utah County Cleanpro is debunking six of the most common carpet cleaning myths in this post.

Six Carpet Cleaning Myths in Nephi Debunked

The Longer You Wait to Get Your Carpet Cleaned the Better

It might have been true at some point in carpet cleaning history when water extraction technology wasn’t what it is now. Older methods left the carpet wet and sometimes even dirtier. However, modern tools do an excellent job at removing dirt, stains, and extracting excess water, leaving your carpet looking like new. The reason you shouldn’t wait a long time to get your carpets professionally cleaned is that dirt is abrasive to the carpet fibers. Each time you step on your carpet, the dirt grinds deeper into the fiber. This can make the fibers break, leaving your carpet worn and torn. While vacuuming can help, it’s simply not enough. Professional carpet cleaning, like the one Utah County Cleanpro offers, is necessary to keep healthy carpets.

Vacuuming Once a Week is Enough

Carpets work as filters and air fresheners for your home, leaving cleaner air for you to breathe. Just think of all the contaminants trapped in your carpets: dirt, dust, pollen, animal hair, dead skin, dust mites, and many others. They need to be removed from your carpet to keep the good quality air flowing indoors. Vacuuming once a week is not enough to remove all those contaminants. Carpet manufactures and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend that you vacuum daily, or at least thrice a week. This will help you stay healthier as you will be breathing cleaner indoor air and adding years of life to you your carpet.

My Carpets Will Shrink If I Have Them Cleaned

The reason why carpets shrink is because they’re left very wet after cleaning. Not only can they shrink, they can also develop mold and mildew. A certified carpet cleaner has the expertise and tools to thoroughly dry your carpets, eliminating the possibility of shrinkage and mold.

A Carpet Cleaning Company Just Needs the Equipment to Do a Good Job

Having expensive carpet cleaning equipment isn’t any good if the people who use it aren’t certified. A good carpet cleaning company teaches their employees how to use the equipment properly and which products to utilize. The employees at Utah County Cleanpro are trained to use their Ion Exchange Process, which has many benefits for your carpets. If you’re interested in prolonging your carpet’s life, having fresh indoor air, and, of course, having your carpets professionally cleaned in Nephi call them. Utah County Cleanpro will leave you a satisfied customer. Their number is (801) 884-8762, call them whenever you’re ready to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

I Can Get the Carpet Cleaning Products I Need from the Grocery Store

You will find many options for stain removers and deodorizers in the grocery store and they probably will do what they promised. Mass-market carpet stain removers are formulated with harsh chemicals in order to work with a variety of stains. However, those chemicals can really damage your carpet. Most of the time they will remove the stain, but they will also hurt the carpet’s color, and sometimes even the carpet fibers. Your carpets will age prematurely and have a dull appearance. The stain removers professionals use are properly designed for specific fiber types, they are safer, and won’t hurt your carpets.

My Carpets Don’t Look Dirty, It’s Not Time to Clean Them

The dirt is there, whether you see it or not. Did you know that a square foot of carpet can hold up to a pound of soil before dirt starts to become visible? Imagine how much damage your carpet has been through when you can actually see the dirt. All those grains of sand, dirt, and dust settle into your carpet causing it to prematurely wear. Once this occurs and your carpets don’t reflect light the same way or don’t have the same spring, it can be possible that even professional carpet cleaning won’t be able to restore them to their former glory. So carpet cleaning is necessary even if you can’t see the dirt. Have your carpets cleaned at least once a year to protect them and ensure a long life.

Don't Wait Too Long to Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning in Nephi

If you have some carpet stains that bother you or if you are interested in improving the quality of your indoor air, schedule your carpet cleaning with Utah County Cleanpro. They guarantee a great service! You can call them at (801) 884-8762 to set up your carpet cleaning appointment in Nephi.

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