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If your pets live inside, you already know how it feels to live in a fur covered home. Perhaps you're considering looking for pet-friendly upholstery options. Here's a guide to help you choose. Having pets means saying no to luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk. Let’s face it, as much as you say your pet will never climb or scratch your sofa or curtains, you can’t control what the animal does. Even if you do manage to keep them away from the couch, it doesn’t mean it will remain clean. Having pets indoors means there will be flying hair everywhere, and it will find its way to your precious sofa. You should be smart when picking an upholstery fabric and look for something that can withstand pets with their fur and scratchy nails, something you can easily clean, and something that won’t look obviously dirty. Here is Utah  County Cleanpro’s guide to choosing pet-friendly upholstery for your new home in Provo. As for taking care of it, here’s another short guide.

Look for Patterns

Patterns are perfect for hiding stains and pet hair, even more so if the predominant pattern color is similar to the pet hair. Don’t even think about getting something in mostly dark colors if your pet is pure white. Another thing you should consider is avoiding tweed. Yes, tweed does present some great pattern options to camouflage hair. Unfortunately, the fabric weave is ideal for trapping said hair. You’d only end up itchy, scratching yourself because of those stuck hairs, and having a lot of difficulties cleaning your upholstery.

Go for Synthetics

Microfiber is always a good option in both upholstery and bed sheets. It’s probably not an option you’ll love or get excited about if you care about aesthetics, but you won’t find something more pet-friendly than this synthetic fabric. Microfiber is really low-maintenance and water resistant too. All you need is a lint brush to remove excess hair. Cleaning microfiber is also really easy. Since synthetics like microfiber and ultra suede don’t have any fabric loops, it’s not likely that your pets’ claws will snag them. In fact, cats don’t seem to enjoy scratching them, unless they come in heavy texture, which is more tempting.  If your synthetic upholstery or carpets are in need of cleaning, you can call Utah County Cleanpro, and they will do it for you. They use an exclusive upholstery and carpet cleaning method using something called ion exchange. Remember that you should call you preferred carpet cleaning company at least once a year. Make Utah County Cleanpro your choice in Provo and schedule your appointment at (801) 884-8762.

Loving Leather

Leather upholstery is a fantastic option in pet-friendly homes. Although it can end up being expensive, no other upholstery option can beat leather. It is odor resistant, pet hair just slides right off, and its texture is nearly completely unappealing to cats. Even if your cats or dogs do end up scratching it, leather can easily be buffed. Either way, stains or scratches just add to the leather’s personality. You can also choose distressed leather to begin with so the imperfections will blend right in. To clean your leather upholstery you just need a dust cloth to wipe stains off.

Don’t Be Afraid of Outdoor Fabrics

Using outdoor fabrics indoors is probably not something you immediately consider, but it can be a fantastic idea. Kids and pets pose no threat to outdoor or engineered fabrics. Outdoor fabrics are available in many beautiful colors, prints, and even natural materials. Engineered fabrics have come a long way from the stiff and waxy options that used to exist. They are now available in soft and supple options. You can use a slipcover made from outdoor fabrics to cover your pet’s favorite chair or sofa. Look for solution-dyed acrylics, viscose, and polyester. Just avoid 100 % percent polyester fabrics because you can easily stain them with oils in food or skin.

Denim Is Not Just for Jeans

Denim is not the most attractive upholstery option, but you can make it work. Denim and canvas fabrics have really tight weaves, so pet hair is not an issue. They are also really resistant to snags and scratches. You likely already have jeans so you already know how resilient and easy to wash denim is.

Fabrics You Should Avoid

Unfortunately, having pets means staying away from elegant and luxurious fabrics. Fabrics like chenille, velvet, wool, linen, tweed, and silk have loose weaves and loops, which means they easily snag or stain. They are also harder to clean and fix. Unless you plan to keep your pets away from the room where you’ll have your fancy upholstery, you should avoid them.

Schedule Your Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Provo

Part of taking care of the fabrics at home and protecting them from your pets is scheduling an annual professional deep cleaning. Utah County Cleanpro offers their upholstery and carpet cleaning services to you. Just give them a call at (801) 884-8762 to learn about their cleaning options in Provo.

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