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The time comes when even the most perfectly maintained carpet meets its expiration date. If you’re not sure if you should change yours, here are some of the signs that mean you should. All carpets have a life expectancy. Even if you take the best care possible to maintain them, carpets are bound to need replacing eventually.  How can you tell if your carpets need to be replaced? Sometimes the signs are obvious, other times you can’t easily tell. To help you decide if your carpets are way past their glory days and need to be replaced for a new model, Utah County Cleanpro has enlisted some of the signs that reveal your carpets need to be changed. There are many reasons why carpets are a good idea, so you should stick to them. Once you do replace them, don’t forget that scheduling regular professional carpet cleaning in Utah County will make them last longer.

How Can You Tell Your Carpets Need to be Changed?

They Have Irremovable Stains

If you’ve tried every carpet cleaning method yet your carpets still look like a Dalmatian and you find yourself using your furniture to cover the stains, it’s time to have your carpets replaced. Usually, carpets come with a stain resistant finish, but as the years pass it fades away leaving your carpets vulnerable to stains. First things first, as soon as you find a spill or a stain on your carpet, you should act fast before it gets absorbed into the fibers or padding. Don’t use any DIY methods you find online because you’ll probably make a bigger mess. You should only use a clean white cloth or napkin and water to clean your carpets. If that doesn’t do it, you need the help of an expert like Utah County Cleanpro to remove those stubborn stains. Even if you don’t have set stains, your carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. In case the carpet cleaners can’t fix the mess, it probably means that those carpets are done and need to be replaced.

They’ve Developed Matting and Look Worn and Torn

With the years and constant foot traffic, carpets can start tearing down, looking worn, and losing their form. The material they're made of really influences their life expectancy. Polyester feels nice, but is not resistant to matting. After is matts down and loses its fluff, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to bring your carpets back to life. Nylon carpets have a better chance of getting back to normal after carpet cleaning, even when matted down. If you find small tears and rips, you might be able to fix them or have a pro do it for you. However, if the tears are significantly large, it’s time to remove those carpets. When you change your carpets, be sure to do some research on the most resistant materials and have them professionally cleaned. Call Utah County Cleanpro at (801) 884-8762 to schedule your yearly carpet cleaning and extend your carpet's life in Utah County.

They've Developed Mold

Mold can be hazardous to your health, it’s usually caused by biological substances, such as vomit, pet urine, or recent floods. If you find that your carpets have mold and mildew growth, the only thing you can do to completely remove the problem is replace your carpets. You can tell you have a mold problem if your allergies suddenly start acting up, there’s a musty smell in the air, or you can actually see it. Not sure if it’s mold? Purchase a mold testing kit.

They Stink Really Bad

If you own pets, it’s very likely that your carpets have been known to stink, but after some proper cleaning the smell should be gone or at least diminished. When even professional carpet cleaning does nothing to make the stink go away, it means the foul smell has penetrated the fibers, carpet pad, or the sub-floor. At this point there’s not much you can do but have the carpets replaced or continue to live with the odor and possibly mold growth.

They Don’t Have Any Padding Left

The carpet padding goes underneath the carpets, it’s what makes them fluffy and comfortable. Padding is the foundation for all carpets. It can absorb sounds, improve insulation, and absorb spills. If you find that your carpet lies unevenly, has wrinkles, and makes a crinkling sound as you step on it, it means your carpet padding needs to be replaced.

They Look Outdated

Even a reason as superficial as mere aesthetics is a good one to replace your carpets. Perhaps the house was carpeted when you bought it or the carpets are looking less than modern. Whatever the issue may be, aesthetics matter and a bad looking carpet can affect the whole appearance of the room. You can learn about the different types of carpet options you’ve got so you can choose one that fits the style you’re going for.

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Once you've replaced your carpets don't forget to schedule regular carpet cleaning sessions to extend their life. If your carpets are still in good shape, keep it that way by calling Utah County Cleanpro at (801) 884-8762 and schedule your appointment.

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