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Most objects made out of fabric have a tendency to shrink if not handled properly. You’ve probably lived that shrinking experience with sweaters and your washer or dryer. Did you know it could happen to your carpet too? Yes, carpets can shrink. After all, they’re made from fibers, just like clothes are. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem that can go wrong when it comes to carpet cleaning. Carpets can go bald too!  If you’re interested in learning more about carpet shrinkage and baldness, you’re in the right place. Utah County Cleanpro has prepared this post to inform you about why it happens and how you should properly care for your carpets in Orem.


Good news about carpet shrinking: it doesn’t happen with all types of carpets. Carpet shrinkage only happens with Wilton and Axminster carpets. Let’s expand a little bit more on that. Wilton carpets: Wilton carpets are made up from a jute backing (which is a natural fiber) and a polypropylene face fiber. Polypropylene isn’t a really absorbent material, it’s easy for liquids to seep straight into the backing. As the jute absorbs the liquids, shrinkage can occur. Axminster carpets: Axminsters have a jute backing as well, but they have an interwoven wool face fiber. It’s not as common for them to shrink, but it can happen if the jute is left wet.

Reasons Why Shrinking Can Happen

Excessive liquid: some carpet cleaning companies use a lot of soap and water to remove deep set stains. Excessive water can cause the carpets to shrink, even if they’re made from synthetic materials. Hot water: hot water can cause carpet fibers to shrink, just like when you do laundry with very hot water. Underpowered tools: if the cleaning company’s tools don’t have enough power, they can leave the backing jute wet. Wet carpets are susceptible to shrinkage. This is why you need to look for a professional carpet cleaner that has the right tools. A company like Utah County Cleanpro has the proper experience and equipment to prevent your carpet from shrinking, while leaving them looking like new. To schedule your carpet cleaning in Orem, you can call them at (801) 884-8762.

Avoiding Shrinkage

Once your carpets have shrunk, there’s no way you can get them back to their former size. You can, however, completely prevent shrinkage from happening. If you’re going to undertake deep carpet cleaning on your own, be sure to get the appropriate equipment that won’t leave your carpets wet.  Better yet, hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the cleaning for you. Utah County Cleanpro has the tools to prevent shrinking from happening, and they’ll help you understand more about your carpet’s care and composition.


Bald patches not only happen on top of your head, they happen on your carpet, too. Imagine you’re vacuuming your carpets and you notice a horrible bald patch. How did it even happen? As the years go by, carpet fibers begin thinning. This is especially normal in high foot traffic areas on carpets. The constant grinding of dirt and debris coming from people’s shoes crushes and tears into the carpet fiber. It can make the carpet lose its volume and eventually lose the fibers altogether.  Some carpets, like the ones made from nylon, olefin, or wool, are meant to stand heavy use, but even those can be damaged. Another reason why carpets can go bald is because of a pest infestation. That is no reflection to your carpet cleaning skills. Pests are simply drawn to natural fibers and the keratin protein they provide. Beetles and carpet moths can make a home between the carpet fibers and lay their eggs. When they hatch and become adults, they start eating away the fibers. You should pay extra attention to the dark and moist places underneath your furniture when you’re vacuuming because that’s their ideal place.

Avoiding Bald Patches

Since you probably won’t be able to stop people from stepping on the carpets, you can at least ask then to remove their shoes or wipe their feet on a mat before stepping on the carpet. Try to wear socks at all times. Feet produce oil which can stain your carpets. For your pest infestation, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner like Utah County Cleanpro. They will have the right cleaning method to get rid of all those annoying insects. As a precaution, vacuum your carpets often and don’t let any spills settle. If your carpet is already balding, you can look for an extra piece of that same rug (or a similar one) and patch it up.

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For professional carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, you should call Utah County Cleanpro at (801) 884-8762. They will leave your carpets looking like new and give your pointers on how to take care of them. Before their arrival, be sure to read this guide on preparing for the carpet cleaner's visit.

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