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The great thing about carpets is that with some proper vacuuming they can look as good as new. Vacuuming, however, does have its tricks. Here you'll find some great vacuuming advice to make your carpets look better for longer.

6 Vacuuming Tips for Great Looking Carpets in Utah County

Carpets are a great flooring option because most of them require minimal maintenance. They provide many health benefits as well, such as cleaner breathing air and a soft landing space in case you fall. You need to call a professional carpet cleaner like Utah County Cleanpro at least once a year for a deep carpet cleaning. As for the rest of the year, you need to be careful to wipe up any spills almost as soon as they happen, and you need to vacuum them three times a week. While on the subject of vacuuming, here are some vacuuming pointers to help you maintain the best-looking carpets on the block.

Follow a Schedule

First, let’s start with how frequently you should be vacuuming your carpets. You should vacuum at least once a week using a quality vacuum cleaner. However, highly trafficked areas need to be cleaned more often. Areas with high foot traffic or pet presence need to be vacuumed daily, medium-traffic areas twice a week, and light-traffic areas just once a week.

Make Your Job Easier

The best way to make your vacuuming job easier is by preventing the mess from happening. This means you should take many precautions to avoid introducing dirt into your home. Start by placing a doormat at all of your doors and enforce a no shoe policy at home. If you’re embarrassed to ask your guests to remove their shoes, at least place mats or runners all around your home so people can wipe their feet. Don’t let your pets inside your house if they’ve got muddy paws. Be sure to wipe off their paws before they step inside because even the best vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove mud stains. Just in case those stains remain, you should call Utah County Cleanpro, and they will get those nasty stains out of your carpet. Their exclusive Ion Exchange carpet cleaning system is just what your carpets need. You can set up an appointment for them to visit your home in Utah County by calling (801) 884-8762.

Master Your Vacuuming Technique

Incorrectly vacuuming your carpets can make them lose their good looks and wear out sooner. Go slow and gentle when you’re vacuuming; your machine is not a race car. Look for a vacuum cleaner with superb suction abilities and slide it slowly and repeatedly across your carpets. Going slowly will ensure that you remove up to 85 percent of dust and allergens present in your carpets, and it will also reduce high-traffic patterns. Once is not enough, you should vacuum over the area multiple times and from different directions. Sometimes you don’t even notice which direction you’re going in when you’re vacuuming until you find yourself stuck in a corner. You should always start vacuuming at the opposite end of the room according to where your door is located to avoid footprints on your recently vacuumed carpets. You should also be very aware of where you plug in your machine. Look for the socket that’s closest to the exit, where you won’t have to worry about vacuuming over the cord. Vacuum attachments are there for a reason; they will make your job easier. The crevice tool is great for tight spots, the round brush is ideal for staircases and windowsills, and the small upholstery brush is just what you need for your furniture. Take some time to read your vacuum’s instruction manual.

Pick up Small Objects

It’s tempting just to let your vacuum suck up pennies, clips, or other small objects, but you have to resist temptation. All those small objects can clog the nozzles and hoses and damage the fans, earning you an expensive visit to the repair shop or the store for a replacement vacuum cleaner.

Start From the Top

If you will be taking the whole day to clean, you should leave vacuuming as the last chore. Start cleaning your rooms from the top to the bottom.  If you start vacuuming before dusting, all the dust that you clean off your furniture will end up on your clean carpets, and you’ll have to vacuum again. Leaving this chore to last will allow you to pick up any dust that has fallen on the ground.

Empty Your Bag or Dirt Cup

It’s important that you pay attention to how full your vacuum’s bag or dirt cup is. Machines with nearly full containers lose their suction power, put more strain on their motors, and may be likely to dump the dirt back into the air as you vacuum. They should be working with an empty container or bag. You should empty them when they’re half full or two-thirds full. Do some research on the best vacuum cleaners to find one that better suits your needs.

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Don't forget that a significant part of keeping your carpets looks and feel is hiring a professional carpet cleaner once a year. You should call Utah County Cleanpro at (801) 884-8762 since they have every quality a carpet cleaning company should have. Trust their carpet and upholstery cleaning services to keep your fabrics and carpets looking their best for a longer time.

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